SALTR v1.10.80 is out today!

What’s new in version 1.10.80:

  • New: Now, when new application is created, several pre-defined segments are auto-created to ease audience segmentation;
  • New: Commenting mechanism is added into Level Editor. Now team members can comment on any variant and discuss changes right there;
  • New: Member Access Management allows specific permissions assignment to team members;
  • New: In Level Editor Board panels now contain list of all assets and layers allowing easy management of board assets belonging to layers and z-indexes;
  • New: Level Editor got a new “JSON” tab containing all boards’, assets’, levels’ and cells’ JSON properties;
  • New: Now it is possible to upload assets by dragging and dropping assets image files onto Assets page and Assets tab in Level Editor;
  • New: Now, when changing asset coordinates or asset width & height, changing values are visible in a tooltip floating nearby;
  • New: Now you can link width/height changes in Properties tab in Level Editor;
  • New: Level Editor got new rulers to make easier to work with boards and assets.