SALTR v1.9.90 is released!

What’s new in version 1.9.90:

  • New: Now you can see Sessions charts, including Session counts, durations and their averages.
  • New: 2D levels now got Tile Brush, allowing tiling on dynamic grids.
  • New: Experiment archiving is being suggested now when traffic for experiment is turned off. This allows to have a log of experiments and their results accessible through time.
  • New: Now 2D level boards can have alternative “positions” for their assets.
  • New: 2D level assets now can be aligned by centers, also vertical and horizontal centers distribution is added.
  • New: In level editor all numeric fields support value increase and decrease on keyboard up/down arrows usage. If “Shift” button is used, value change will be 10 units.
  • New: 2D levels’ boards now allow asset positioning out of boards bounding box.
  • New: Gravatar integration is added.

  • Fixed: “Level navigation” hotkey issue fixed for Mac users.
  • Fixed: Minor fixes on Experiments behaviour.