SALTR v1.9.60 is out today!

What’s new in version 1.9.60:

  • New: “Assets” tab is added in “Level Editor”, where you can see all available assets.
  • New: Now in “Level Editor” boards can be duplicated in “Manage Boards” mode.
  • New: Segments DAU charts became more informative by adding “All Users” segment graph in the same chart.
  • New: Pivot point became relative for assets in 2D canvas levels.
  • New: Asset instances in 2D canvas levels now can be scaled.

  • Fixed: Dysfunctional Level navigation in Level Editor.
  • Fixed: “z-index” issue in “2D Boards”.
  • Fixed: Issue of dysfunctional toggle button during asset selection in 3D mode.
  • Fixed: Issue of asset deletion not considering whether asset is included in Match-3 board’s excluded assets list.
  • Fixed: Lots of stability and UI improvements.