SALTR v1.9.40 is live!

What’s new in version 1.9.40:

  • New: Added a drop-down presets in DAU and Retention Graph popup.
  • New: Now in app Notifications have a “Close” button, as well are moved to bottom left corner.
  • New: Each variant in Feature or Level has its own unique URL now.
  • New: Level Editor’s toolbar converting to a expandable menu when shrunk.
  • New: Now when you drag the a board in Level Variant, you can see board position exact coordinates.

  • Fixed: When the segment is deleted from Dashboard, the segment status is switched off automatically.
  • Fixed: Now in level variants stats popup “Reset Stats” button click triggers popup content refresh.
  • Fixed: During app instance content migration “Client Variants” are not migrated any more.
  • Fixed: Now when user copies “Client Variant” to another feature it is being copied as a simple variant.
  • Fixed: Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • Changed: “Level navigation” hotkey is changed with “CMD + CTRL” for Mac users.
  • Changed: App chooser drop-down got wider for  long named apps.