SALTR v1.9.10 is out today!

What’s new in version 1.9.10:

  • New: Separate “Segments” page is created, where custom segments can now be created and managed. You can import those custom segments into Dashboard, still having traffic turning on/off option in them.
  • New: “Publish Variation” button is added into feature page, which allows simply to publish the variant(s) into desired Segment or Experiment partition.
  • New: Now if chunk contains assets with target layer, chunk gets automatically moved to the asset’s target layer in the board.

  • Fixed: JSON editors TAB key functionality.
  • Fixed: JSON editors property group rearrangement via hotkeys.
  • Fixed: “Retention” popup issue for Safari browser.
  • When uploading an asset file without extension or with a wrong extension the following message are shown “Choose a PNG, JPG or GIF that’s under 1MB and try again”.
  • Fixed: Mac users get specific Hotkeys popup in JSON editor
  • Fixed: “Level Navigation”.
  • Fixed: Various UI improvements.

  • Changed: “Assets” page link is removed from Game Editor page and is added into left menu, below “Game Editor”;
  • Changed: No need to fill the “Company” field in Sign Up form.