3 Amazing Winners of Gaming Hackathon At Draper University In Silicon Valley


Our recent, successfully accomplished Hackathon activity among the lineup of Plexonic Team inspired us to become a part of another great Hackathon event organized in  Hero City at Draper University.

Together with #Unity, #SpriteBuilder and others we shared the creative energy of the hacking marathon and made our sponsorship investment in it as we considerinnovation as a high priority!

Thrilled to know the results?! Here are the trio of winners who showed the best recipe for Draper’s Hackathon after the 12 hours of intense and tough competition:

Game Name:
Team Members: Daniel Hall, Aaron Rowley
Description: 2D side scroller where you must guide a dandelion seed through a forest while avoiding enemies. They emphasized both aesthetics and immersion, developing a Limbo-inspired color scheme with soothing background music.
Framework: Love 2D

Game Name:
Team Members: Snake Charmer, Fuzzy Buddha, Septopus
Description: 2D space-explorer in which you can navigate solely with anti-gravity machine. Ones turned it on, all gravitational fields reverse. The team is still working on it.
Framework: C#, Unity

Game Name:
Team Members: Angelo Hizon, David Ott – Unity Developer
Description: You are “The Hero” to save the city from danger. The actions you do in the city reflects how much of a Hero you are. Either you are saving the city from itself from crime and danger. Or the city is saving itself from you by voting you out of the city. If you end up destroying the city by bumping into properties, your superhero popularity declines. And soon you will be a homeless Hero.
Framework: C# in Unity 3d, Leap motion controls


We congratulate all of the winners and wish them Good Luck while discovering the “impossibly possible” with our  $2150 worth SALTR Pro plan access!