Introducing Target Layers and Fixed Asset Brush

I wanted to quickly introduce a couple of new features making level design a bit easier.

Meet Targeted Layers for fixed assets and Fixed Asset Brush!

1. Go to: Game Editor > Assets


2. Click on an asset to start editing it.

3. Unlock the upper section and enter a Target Layer name.


4. Go to: Game Editor > Levels. Choose  Fixed Asset Brush.  You can     use this brush to add and erase fixed assets on the board.


Now, when you defined a target layer, you won’t need to select a specific layer every time you use this fixed asset on a board in Level Editor. Assets are placed automatically on the Target Layer that you define.

in case if you don’t have a layer with the defined name, target layer will be created automatically when you place the asset. 

Please note that Target Layers only work with fixed assets but not the chunks.


Hope this will make using SALTR a bit more enjoyable for you.